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Mantle clock 20cm orange white and black

Our Price: £50.00

We handcraft this mantle clock in black, orange and white glass with a small amount of red glass.  We first design the clock and then cut the glass into the shapes we need.  It is then fused in our kiln.  After fusing we drill the glass to add the clock movement, chapter ring and hands.  With mantle clocks we shape the shoulders to give a pleasant stylish look to the clock.

The clock can be placed on a mantle shelf or on a table.

We commission a local carpenter-joiner to make the wooden plinth to take the clock safely and securely.  He finishes the wood plinth with a stain and light polish.

We can make the mantle clock in different colours and designs.  Please e-mail us your design and we will be happy to quote to make it for you.  E-mail to sales@danielshandcrafted.co.uk.

Mantle clock 20cm orange white and black