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Bottle cheeseboards

Our Price: £20.00

We make our bottle cheeseboards from empty champagne and prosecco bottles.  First we clean the bottles carefully to remove all labels and residual glue and then thoroughly wash to make sure all traces of champagne and prosecco are removed.

The bottles are then placed in our kiln and are flattened using a suitable fusing programme. 

We then add a catering quality cheese knife with coloured ribbon to create this very popular cheeseboard. 

Colours of ribbon will vary.

We regret that we are unable to make you a cheeseboard from a much loved bottle as we do have failures.  It took us a lot of experimentation to know exactly what temperatures were required with different types of bottles and if we get a temperature wrong this results in a bottle with either breaks in the kiln or has an unacceptable amount of bubbles or devitrification.  In addition it is not unusual for bottles to roll slightly and we then have two bottles fused together. 

The bottles do not have labels re-attached as they seldom can be removed from the bottle without damage and also this would mean that the cheeseboard could not be immersed in water to clean it after use.

Bottle cheeseboards