Daniels Handcrafted is a small family owned company based in Rochester, UK.  We make fused glass items in our own kilns to our designs - platters, dishes, candle holders and bridges, vases and much more.  Each glass item being handcrafted is totally unique. 

We also make jewellery - cufflinks and pendants using semi precious stone, silver jewellery using either semi precious stones or cubic zirconia in a range of stunning colours.  We also make Pandora style bracelets.

What is fused glass?

Fused glass is made by taking sheets, rods, or small pieces of glass and heating them in a kiln until they partially liquefy, and then slowly cooling them so they join together to form a single object.  The type of glass used is available in a wide range of colour and finishes.  As we don't stock every shade and finish of glass (there are hundreds), contact us with your requirements if there is a colour you want but can't see on the website.

What uses can fused glass be put to?

All our fused glass products are strong enough to be put into practical use.  Any design that you see on our products is fused into the glass, and can't be worn away by use or time.  Please be aware though, that we're not able to make items out of toughened glass (it can't be worked once toughened) or borosilicate (Pyrex) glass, which stubbornly refuses to melt in the kiln.  Our products should therefore not be put in the oven.  They shouldn't, ideally, be put in a dishwasher either (do so entirely at your own risk), which is in any event not the best way to clean glass.