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40 x 30 Orange with blue irid and black/clear streaky clock

Our Price: £135.00

40cm x 30cm clock, handcrafted using fusion glass sheets which come in many colours and designs.

For this clock we used orange, black and white opalescent, blue iridised and black and clear streaky glass.  Having drawn our design we carefully hand cut the different sheets of glass to the shapes and sizes needed.  This is then put onto a piece of clear glass the size of the finished clock.  Kiln formed glass items need to have two layers of glass so that the corners and edges will be smooth and rounded. 

We then put the glass into our kiln to fully fuse the pieces together. 

After the fusing we drill the glass so that we can fix the clock movement.  We then add a silver coloured chapter ring, and clock hands.

As glass is quite heavy, we include 4 stand off posts, which should be fitted to your wall, two for the bottom of the clock and two for the top so that the clock will slide into the fittings.  Although the clock movement has a metal hanger we strongly recommend the use of the stand off posts so that no undue weight is taken by the clock movement which could shorten its working life.

We designed this clock to have an interesting mix of opalescent and transparent glass as well as a small amount of dichroic glass.  You can safely hang this clock in any lighting condition, even direct strong sunlight and the colours will not change.

If you like the design of this clock but would prefer it in a different colour combination please contact us by e-mail to sales@danielshandcrafted.co.uk with you colour choice and we can prepare you a diagram to give an impression of the finished clock plus a quotation.

40 x 30 Orange with blue irid and black/clear streaky clock